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If you can't see the session you want drop us an email: and we will try our best to accommodate you.
Afternoon bookings are available for a minimum charge of 8 guests.

These can either be normal sessions, special occasions or private room use.
Let us know your requirements


Our Rooms

Choose which exclusive space you'd like for your session.
Fella & Lovelies Conservatory - Our largest room on the ground floor.
Hilary's Haven - our quiet relaxing upstairs space.
Sparkles Sensory Room - Filled with beautiful murals, bubble tube and beanbag.
Rosie's Reception - With tables of two or three, wheelchair access and disabled toilet facilities.

Rosie's Reception
Rosie's Reception
Fella & Lovely's sun space
Hilary's Haven
Hilary's Haven
Sparkle's Sensory Space
Sparkles's Sensory Space
Ground Floor WC
Spot the guinea-pig!
Upstairs WC
Pretty's Palace

What does my booking cover?

Bookings cost £8 per person (over the age of 2). It covers a 1.5 hour session in one of our Cavies & Cake rooms. You will receive a cake and drink along with a guinea-pig handling session tailored to your requirements with one of our experienced members of staff. You are welcome to purchase further refreshments, gifts and wander the peaceful courtyard or just immerse yourself watching the piggies daily hustle and bustle while you sit back with your cuppa and relax

Before you visit

Please read:


At Cuddly Cavies and Cavies & Cake the welfare of our guinea-pig therapists are our priority and therefore we have strict rules to be adhered to. By coming into our premises or booking a session you are agreeing to uphold and adhere to our rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in removal from the premises, no refund will be available and we have the option to take matters further with the individuals involved where legalities allow.

  • Our premises Stable Cottage,Oxborough Lane, Fakenham, NR21 8AF are fully covered by CCTV for the protection & security of our guinea-pigs. By booking and coming onto these premises you are consenting to being filmed whilst there. Cavies & Cake is registered with the ICO and uphold Data Protection Law. No information is shared or kept beyond 30 days

  • No animals are to be touched without expressed permission and supervision of the proprietors. Hands will be sanitized prior to and following any physical contact with them​

  • When the animals are out of their enclosures you will follow and abide by the instruction given by the proprietor

  • No treats, food or fingers are to be put through enclosure bars. Likewise when the guinea-pigs are out of their enclosure only food authorised by Cavies & Cake is to be offered to them.

  • However tame the guinea-pigs are they are still wild animals, and may accidentally scratch or bite. Cavies & Cake assumes no responsibility for accident, injury or other unforeseen event which may occur.  Guinea pigs are sometimes unpredictable and in some circumstances can react to the environment and the conduct of other persons. Whilst every precaution is taken to minimise the risks incidents can occur. 

  • Our Guinea-pigs are used to a certain level of noise but if there is persistent noise in their area or they show any sign of distress you will be required to leave

  • Not all Cuddly Cavies are present at Cavies & Cake everyday. The guinea-pigs are alternated and given rest days. We cannot guarantee a specific guinea-pig at a specific time and day.


We are currently upgrading the premises by having a disabled hoist and equipment installed to the downstairs toilet so it is fully accessible to everyone that needs to use it. If you need hoist assistance please check with us prior to booking that it is in service
We have 2 toilets one that serves upstairs with baby change facilities and the disabled toilet on the ground floor. All our toilets are mixed sex

Where can I park

Cavies & Cake does not have customer parking. Do not park in the carpark outside our premises - you will get a ticket. There is Millers Walk car park opposite our premises. Parking is free for the first two hours and thereafter charged at £1.00 for 2 hours and 70 pence for each following hour. 
If your needs require that you be dropped off outside Cavies & Cake please notify us in advance as this can be arranged with prior notice only

Important things before booking!

Why rooms rather than one big space?

Often people with dementia, complex needs or carers with their charges can find busy large places overwhelming, as can the guinea-pigs so by keeping rooms small we can cater better for individual needs and requirements.

Are you Covid-19 safe?

We are fully covid-19 compliant which is another reason why rooms are set for groups of 6. We have strict rules regarding sanitizing which we follow and likewise expect our customers to.
How we operate will change as restrictions change but for now you are unable to wander all the rooms and visit the guinea-pigs in them

The person I'm bringing has additional needs

We aim to be fully inclusive to all needs which is why we have a downstairs wc that has a manual hoist and changing facilities. All we ask is that you let us know what your additional needs are and we will endeavor to book you into the room that will best suit you and adapt your visit whatever way we can so you get the maximum benefit

Why does everyone have to pay the same?

The universal price policy for every customer over 2 years of age is because we believe our visit charge is very minimal and no more than an average drink and refreshment in other settings where a reduced fee wouldn't be expected. It also means there is no awkwardness in having to share any private medical conditions you may otherwise have to, for reduced entry

I have dietary requirements

If you have allergies to any foods you must inform us at the time of booking and we will contact you for more information. Do not worry if you need to bring your own cold snack or drink for the person you are bringing, that's absolutely fine with us, just advise us prior to your visit please

Can I book the whole room for my group?

Yes, you may book a whole room out. You can also book the whole centre if you have a large group, for a morning session to a time that suits you. Just contact us and we can give you a very reasonable rate. At the minute because of covid-19 rooms are only able to accommodate 6 it is your responsibility to make sure you are only meeting people that conform to current government restrictions

What else is there to do?

Cavies & Cake is in the middle of Fakenham town. There are plenty of lovely places to have a meal or browse the shops, we are right next door to a department store, which serves food. There is a bowling alley with softplay across the road or why not take a stroll along the river or up to the park nearby, you can make a whole day of it.

Can I just turn up?

No! All sessions are booked and paid for in advance. This is so we can limit numbers and make sure the guinea-pigs aren't overwhelmed with a busy environment. You can ring on the day or pop in and we can let you know when next availability is and book you in. This also ensures that we can adhere to covid restrictions

Find us

Cuddly Cavies, Stable Cottage, Oxborough Lane, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8AF The Animal Welfare (licensing of activities involving animals)(England) Regulations 2018Licence to keep or train animals for ExhibitionLicence Number: 21/00007/AA_EXH

Tel: 07521 990641

Cavies & Cake

Visits by pre-booking only 

Tues - Fri: 9.30am - 3pm

Sat 9.30am - 1pm - pre booked only

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