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About Us

Cavies & Cake was established to bring the therapies of Cuddly Cavies to the wider community.

As parents of children with additional needs and being autistic ourselves, we know how isolating and hard daily life can be. It was important to us to provide a place for carers and the cared for as well as the general community so people could meet and make new friends. No one need feel excluded or lonely and we have many contact groups that we can point you in if you need a hand with something specific.

So far in 2022 we have expanded our services and are regularly being used by many organisations. We have been to Norwich University of the Arts as part of Wellness Week and Litcham school, as well as Scope, Age Concern, Young Carers and many others.

We are extremely proud to have funded sessions through the Monument project and doing regular sessions for the fantastic Dementia Adventure in Norfolk.

We go into secondary mainstream school to provide weekly therapeutic sessions, as well as having pupils come to us when school life is a little too much.

We welcome all enquires and try and accommodate every individual or group as required, whether its for a therapy based session or a fun activity. 

Who are Cavies & Cake?

Diana Smee & Ember.jpg


Diana has been with Cuddly Cavies since 2013 before stalking Michelle and persuading her to start Cavies & Cake with her. Diana is the diary keeper and paperwork chaser. Just don't ask her about guinea-pigs as she will ramble on about them for hours!!!



Michelle started Cavies & Cake with Diana as a way to keep Diana quiet. She is the creative one of the partnership and all the extra fun activities and decorations in Cavies & Cake are because of her.

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