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Welcome to Cavies & Cake

Hello, and welcome to the very first Cavies & Cake blog! This post is mainly here to be a starting point for both you and for us, to introduce ourselves, Diana and Michelle, and our brand new space; a new space to enter the new year more positively than most of us have left the previous one. We’ll fill you in a bit more on our history in a later post, but for now we excited to share with you our vision for The Cuddly Cavies Centre, and perhaps a few photos of our furry friends!

We passionately believe in the benefits of spending time with animals, that being able to nurture a relationship with one, no matter for how brief an amount of time, can have a profound impact on a person and how they are feeling. Cuddly Cavies have been taking our guinea pig family out into the community for over 7 years, care homes, nursing homes, day centres, schools, community and youth groups; we have been so blessed by so many amazing moments during this time and we are looking forward to being able to be a small part of many more!

2020 has become synonymous with so much negativity and along with so many others, we have been confined to our homes, unable to reach out at a time when so many were feeling so vulnerable. It has, however allowed us the time and spa

ce to take a step back and look at the work we are doing, giving us the opportunity to be thankful for all the wonderful moments but also looking to the future. If we can’t take the piggies out to you, we would love to be able to provide a home from home, where you can come to the piggies!

We are in the early stages of creating a warm and welcoming space within our community, a place which we hope will provide a respite of calm in the busy midst of modern life. A community hub, with individual rooms for people to meet in their ‘bubbles’, to share time with the guinea pigs and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being in their company. A safe place for all members of our community, young and old and everyone in between! Completely accessible to all, for those caring for a friend or relative with dementia, for parents whose children have additional needs, for any one who feels unable to venture out through anxiety over what might happen. We want to support people in whichever way we can, but firstly come, sit down and relax and allow the piggies to do what they do best.

We look forward to next time!


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