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  • Diana Taylor

Moving in

Wow! It has been a pretty full on couple of weeks! We answered ‘the call’ from Tom the estate agent and collected the keys on a pretty grey and chilly afternoon; in all honesty it felt a bit like an anti-climax to be handed a bunch of unassuming keys on the pavement in the drizzly rain. We soon rectified this by squeezing in a whistle stop tour of Stable Cottage, before collecting our children from school, and we left feeling happy, having to pinch ourselves that this is actually happening (insert squeal here!). We allowed ourselves some time to process and have the opportunity to share the space with our husbands and children for the first time: with mine universally declaring it the best building to race in, EVER………my children enjoyed it too!

We have both had moments of feeling utterly overwhelmed by the reams of ‘to-do’ lists and people to call, as is the case with any new venture. One of the wonderful things we are discovering in working together, is having the space to be able to say how we are feeling; that the other is not going to think any less of you if and when we have a wobble. We can share our worries and anxieties, no matter how trivial they may feel. The small things are always important to consider too. Our hope is that Cavies and Cake can provide a place where everyone can feel this sense of security, whether they talk to each other, to us or to the piggies; we hope that people leave us feeling enabled to continue forwards in a more positive way, whether they visit us once whilst on holiday or every week for a bit of enriching self care.

The transition from our coffee time daydream, to the reality of being responsible for our families financial investment can feel a bit mega at times, we are both prone to a bit of overthinking! Together we are finding our working rhythm and allowing ourselves space to be excited about the future, to continue to daydream about where our little guinea pig family will take us and how far the benefits of their company will go.

Take care

Michelle x

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