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Cleaning time

The word for this week seems to be ‘cleaning’. What I actually want to write here is

‘cleaning…..bleh’, but I feel that I should try and be a bit more positive about it than that! Stable

Cottage, although gorgeous, and had obviously be well cleaned by its previous tenants, has been

empty and unloved for a few years now; and nature has moved in to where the people have moved out.

Myself and Diana are both self-confessed animal lovers and enjoy the wonders of the natural

world, but there are certain wonders that we would much prefer to marvel and admire from a

distance; there are masses of cobwebs everywhere. Need I say anymore? Anyhow back to the


Its amazing how a really good clean and hoover can improve the feel of a room without having to

crack open the magnolia, and a week of working at this has given us such a boost. We have raided our sheds (and those of willing friends and family) to start compiling our stash of emulsion tins, paint brushes and rollers ready to start the next phase of the makeover once our children are all back to school next week. We are so excited to be almost ready to get stuck into this, as important as the cleaning and the prep work has been this week, its not anywhere near as fun!

We did have a moment of impatience on Tuesday when we cracked out the sandpaper and white gloss paint for an impromptu update of the bannister rail! It looks amazing Diana! Almost glows in the dark against the sad green wall behind it!

In other news this week, we have been trying to focus on our social media presence, getting our

Cavies and Cake Facebook and Instagram pages up and running, plus considering the pros and cons of places like Patreon and YouTube. We are pondering whether we could create some desirable and useful content to put out there whilst we wait to be able to open our centre. Both of these platforms need us to be much more comfortable with being on camera, which is not our natural environment!

We have started to have a little go though, and are in the process of putting some things together to try it out, test the water with you all and see what you think. Any positive advice and comments are always welcome……please be gentle!

To finish off with, four of our gorgeous piggies were able to head out with Diana for a Cuddly Cavies visit this week! One of our regular homes in Norwich, which like every care home, has experienced so much sadness this year, it is such a privilege to be able to support the wonderful staff and residents with this small act at the moment. Shadow, Honey, Rose and Ibi clearly enjoyed their morning too, they are missing being with people, all the fuss……and all the tasty snacks that come

with it!

Take Care

Michelle x

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