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Community Cavies

We actively encourage the meeting and mixing of all members of the community, making friends and finding out about others and their needs. 
We are in the fortunate position of being able to put on sessions for different groups, if there is a particular session you'd like to see run then contact us and we will see how we can accommodate you

For carers and people you care for come along on the first Tuesday morning of the month between 10am and 12pm and meet others. Share stories, make connections and make friends with others in similar situations 


Education, Private Bookings & Events

Educational Settings

Cavies & Cake come out and provide fun, interactive, & informative, sessions for schools. We teach students about guinea-pigs, their history, breeds, first foundations of pet care combined with lots of  fun facts, guinea-pig cuddles, feeding, grooming and guinea-pig colouring sheets. These sessions are adapted to fit with the curriculum you are currently studying in what ever way benefits your students the most
We are also able to have school groups visit us at Cavies & Cake for activity sessions

Private Bookings & Events

We frequently attend parties, relatives or friends in carehome's, childs birthday's or other private functions. 
We are able to accommodate parties at Cavies & Cake with various activities and options available.
We are able to be the quiet calming area for children at weddings or a fun addition to Fete's.

Community Groups

We are frequent visitors to various community groups from Brownies, Disability Groups to Dementia Cafe's. The guinea-pigs are always happy to educate and entertain!
We are also able to accommodate Brownies, Scouts and other groups at Cavies & Cake for private evening sessions.

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